Carter, Vincent O.

Vincent O. Carter (* 1924 in Kansas City; † 14. Dezember 1983 in Bern)


"Vincent O. Carter was born in Kansas City in 1924. At seventeen he was drafted into the U.S. Army. He landed on a Normandy beachhead and took part in the drive toward Paris. Back in the United States, he earned a college degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and spent a graduate year at Wayne State in Detroit. Eventually he returned to Europe, spending time in Paris, Munich, and Amsterdam before settling in Bern, where he spent the rest of his life in a sort of self-imposed exile. His only work published during his lifetime was The Bern Book: A Record of the Voyage of the Mind (1973), a memoir of his life in the Swiss capital during the 1950s. He completed a draft manuscript for 'Such Sweet Thunder' in 1963. Despite receiving enthusiastic support from some in the literary world, the manuscript did not deliver what publishers expected from 'Negro literature' at the time, and after enduring a round of rejections Carter shelved the project. He died in Bern in 1983." (Quelle: Barnes & Noble, 2003)

"Living in Bern, Switzerland, in the mid-1950s, Vincent O. Carter said he was such an unusual sight that 'Everybody, men, women, children, dogs, cats, and other animals, wild and domestic, looked at me - all the time!'" (Darryl Pinckney: Out There, Basic Civitas Books 2002)


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